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Organic Creamed Coconut is made by drying and creaming the unsweetened fresh kernel of the mature coconut, which is harvested and organically grown in the tropical island of Sri Lanka. Ceylon Naturals creamed coconut has a butter-like texture and luscious tropical aroma and taste which can be used for baking.

Ceylon Naturals creamed coconut is a high-energy food and is rich in potassium, protein, and fiber which makes it a healthy choice for cooking and baking. Therefore, Ceylon Naturals creamed coconut is an ideal product for those who are focused on plant-based and vegan diets, keto, and paleo-friendly diets.

Ceylon Naturals Organic Creamed Coconut is a perfect alternative to dairy-based creams, yogurt, and curd. Ceylon Naturals creamed coconut is very thick and can be used to improve the consistency of gravies, sauces, desserts, and other dishes adding a rich, nutty taste to the food.

Ceylon Naturals organic creamed coconut is available in 200g packs. Ceylon Naturals offers canner creamed coconut with higher fat content upon request.

Ceylon Naturals is a globally recognized Organic Coconut Products Supplier in Sri Lanka, it is a brand internationally well known for the production of organic coconut products and a pioneer in manufacturing coconut oil and coconut products. The superiority of Ceylon Natural products is guaranteed by numerous international certifications, including the ISO: 22000, USDA Organic, EU Organic, JAS, BRC, Vegan, GMP, HACCP, and the Control Union.

Sri Lanka’s production of organic coconut products is a well-deserved and well-known brand that is available in many regions around the globe. Organic coconut products are a niche in Sri Lanka and a primary focus for those at Ceylon Naturals is to preserve the quality for premium exports. At Ceylon naturals, we not only focus on producing and supplying Sri Lankan organic coconut products but also ensure that we provide unparalleled services for all customers, whether business-to-business (or business-to-customer).

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