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Ceylon Naturals is a globally recognized Organic Coconut Products Supplier in Sri Lanka, it is a brand internationally well known for the production of organic coconut products and a pioneer in manufacturing coconut oil and coconut products. The superiority of Ceylon Natural products is guaranteed by numerous international certifications, including the ISO: 22000, USDA Organic, EU Organic, JAS, BRC, Vegan, GMP, HACCP, and the Control Union. Ceylon Naturals manufacturing of organic coconut products from Sri Lanka is a well demanded and known brand that is available in many regions across the globe. Organic Coconut products in Sri Lanka are a niche and maintaining the quality for premium exports is a prime focus for those at Ceylon Naturals. We at Ceylon naturals focus not only on manufacturing and supplying organic coconut products from Sri Lanka, but also ensure that we provide unmatched services for all clients, may it be Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Customer (B2C). Our range of organic coconut products are supplied from Sri Lanka directly to e-commerce and retail stores, they are readily available on Amazon and can be seen at many supermarkets at various countries/regions. Ceylon Naturals also encourages bulk supply and has the capacity that cannot be matched by many organic coconut products suppliers or manufacturers in Sri Lanka. Bulk products can be discussed and pertaining packaging can be provided on negotiatable MOQs.


We care about our farmers, the factory staff, our country, our youth and all members involved in ensuring the end product reaches in good hands in utmost quality.





We at Ceylon Naturals are continuously seeking an opportunity to improve our level of service to whomsoever we are conscientiously acquainted with, we’d love to hear any feedback in relation to our business! We are open for B2B and B2C business proposals. For any suggestions, kindly feel free to get in touch with us.


If you wish to become a distributor of Ceylon Naturals, click here and someone from the distribution will connect with you in 48 hours, if you wish to have your brand click here and you will be contacted by a private labeling department.

We are also specialized in organic authentic Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Spices, if you wish to check that out please click here, for any bulk coconut or spices please click here.
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