Organic Coconut Nectar

Organic Coconut Treacle


Ceylon Naturals Organic Coconut Nectar is made purely from the coconut blossoms of the coconut trees organically grown in Sri Lanka. It is a natural sweetener that is raw, unrefined, and has no additives or preservatives and is now the healthiest plant-based natural syrup chosen by a lot of individuals as an alternative to honey. It is often used as a topping and filling on desserts.


For plant-based consumers, this is a great option as it contains 17 amino acids, minerals, and is packed with vitamins so that you don’t have to restrict your sweet tooth anymore. It is low in glycemix index so it is ideal for diabetic patients. It is also an alternative to refined and processed sweeteners such as honey or any type of sugary syrup that is considered unhealthy. Also, termed as coconut treacle, it is also nutritionally superior to other pint-based nectars, Agave syrup, corn syrup, and maple syrup. Since Ceylon Naturals Organic Coconut Nectar is raw and unrefined it is highly recommended for all ages and those who are extremely health conscious. While it may be very addictive it is also recommended to discuss with the physician if there are any limitations of use depending on an individual’s sugar intake content.


Ceylon Naturals Organic Coconut Nectar is a dark brown liquid that has a rich and thick consistency and the flavor is sweet with a slight bitter flavor. It can be enjoyed by layering over pancakes, waffles, cereals, cakes, tarts, pies, puddings, smoothies and as any dessert topping in replacement for honey or maple syrup. Traditionally, in many Asian regions, ice-cream, curd, or yogurt is topped with organic coconut nectar which is enjoyed as a quick dessert. In Sri Lanka, coconut nectar is drizzled over curd (meekiri) after lunch.


Ceylon Naturals Organic Coconut Nectar is available in 200ml bottles. If there are any bulk requirements different packages can be provided according to quantity